FERRARI DUAL CLUTCH TRANSMISSION - The company established in ITALY  for the Reconstruction and Repair of FERRARI Automatic Transmissions, with over 15 years experience in all FERRARI MODELS of automatic transmissions and Manual. VERGORI GIUSEPPE began repairing automatic transmissions in the Ferrari Factory since 2007 and across Trainig by GETRAG for FERRARI Automatic Transmissions and working mostly on luxury cars across world wide. .


We offer our experience and service specializing in  FERRARI repair, maintenance and replacement of automatic dual clutch  gearboxes . We are specialized  on  all types of repairs on FERRARI models gearbox

Automatic transmissions have a very difficult and particular diagnosis and at Automatic Gearbox  we offer our wide experience of over 15 years, we are able to diagnose and fix any problems with automatic dual clutch transmissions.

We take care of your vehicle, using a comprehensive service. We are a specialist workshop and our goal is to give customers a professional service with a fair price.

Our workshop is located at UBERSETTO , 41043 VIA MONTE ROSA 3   (Modena). Diagnostic machines equipped with the latest generation, and all the tools and equipment necessary to perform any operation the most efficient way possible.

We specialize in the repair of  FERRARI automatic  dual cluch gearboxes of any FERRARI models . If you need to repair your gearbox and you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us on +39-3335793464  We offer all our customers fault diagnosis and preparation of estimate for repairs required with no obligation. Our prices to repair your gearbox are well below the official dealerships with the best warranty. Call us without obligation or email us with your questions or concerns.

All our repairs have a 1 year warranty.